Russians’ Opinion: Internet Censorship Reduces Threats to Society

Specialists of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey among residents of Russia in order to find out their opinion about censorship on the Internet. According to the survey results, 60 per cent of respondents believe that the need for censorship is determined by the specific type of information spread. 

In addition, the majority of Russians believe that it is necessary to limit information about weapons, explosives, and their production from scrap materials (91 per cent). The same number of respondents voted for limiting information containing calls to join radical, extremist groups and movements (91 per cent).

Also, according to the majority of respondents, it is necessary to limit calls to join religious sects (89 per cent), information about suicides (88 per cent), pornographic materials (84 per cent), as well as scenes of violence, aggression and cruelty in video/computer games (82 per cent). In addition, 73-74 per cent of Russians believe that it is necessary to restrict access to texts and videos containing obscene language, as well as information about fraudulent financial companies.

In general, the majority of residents of Russia agree that it is necessary to deal with such information on the Internet since reducing its volume reduces threats to the population (78 per cent). The opposite opinion is shared by 14 per cent of the respondents. Moreover, 65 per cent of the surveyed do not perceive Internet censorship as an infringement of their personal freedom, even though 30 per cent think otherwise.

Ru-Main, 06.04.2021 

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