Russians Opinion on Connection Between School Marks and Life Success

The majority of Russians (80 per cent) who took part in the survey of the job search service do not see any connection between school marks and success in adult life, while 20 per cent of respondents believe that those who studied well at school achieve great success in life, reports.   

Among the survey participants, 65 per cent turned out to have only B’s at school, 26 per cent got C’s, and 9 per cent got excellent marks. About a third, 37 per cent of those surveyed, had never skipped school classes, 55 per cent occasionally skipped them for no reason, and 8 per cent did this on a regular basis. It is also specified that 51 per cent did their homework obediently, while 49 per cent cheated. The majority, which is 88 per cent of the surveyed, passed exams and tests from the first time, and 12 per cent failed from time to time.

Ru-Main, 27.08.2020 

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