Russians Opposed Compulsory Vaccination of University Applicants Against COVID-19

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service conducted a survey of 1,600 representatives of the economically active population from all districts of Russia, in order to find out their attitude to the idea of ​​the Head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, about compulsory vaccination of university entrants. 

The majority of economically active Russians (75 per cent) oppose such harsh measures, noting that any vaccination is a voluntary procedure, therefore it is illegal to discriminate against those who refuse it. In addition, the reasons for refusal may be different, for example, the presence of absolute contraindications to any vaccines.

It is noted that only 9 per cent of those surveyed agreed with the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination of applicants against COVID-19. They explained their position by the need to achieve herd immunity so that a dangerous disease does not spread and does not cause new restrictions. It is specified that such measures are more often supported by men (11 per cent versus 8 per cent of women) and young people under 24 (12 per cent).

Ru-Main, 30.04.2021 

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