Russians Present Colleagues’ Newborns With Presents and Money

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service conducted a survey of 1,000 HR managers and 1,600 representatives of the employed economically active population from all districts of Russia and found out what measures to support women are being taken in their companies.  

The study results showed that 9 percent of companies have programmes to support women on maternity leave. These are not those measures provided for by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation but additional ones. Most often, this means an additional payment or a gift on the occasion of the birth of a child, and in some cases, payment of a voluntary health insurance policy for a newborn child.

According to the information obtained in course of the study, the support for women on maternity leave is more often provided by large companies with more than 1,000 employees (10 per cent). However, the care for mothers is shown not only by employers but also by colleagues. Thus, 52 per cent of working Russians usually pass parents a gift or money from the working team in honour of the birth of a baby.

Ru-Main, 30.04.2021

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