Russians Revealed Attitude to Creative Spaces

Russian Analytical Centre NAFI conducted research to understand if Russians like creative clusters as territories of former industrial zones where people of creative professions (designers, architects, artists, or musicians) gather together. 

According to the results of the research, Russians most often visit creative clusters to spend cultural leisure, which is to visit an exhibition or an event (75 per cent of the cluster visitors). The second most popular reason for visiting clusters is food (56 per cent). Among other reasons for visiting clusters are educational leisure and shopping.

It is also noted that men and women have differences in their attitude towards creative spaces. Thus, women are more likely to visit creative spaces for the purpose of cultural or educational leisure, while men more often visit food outlets.

As for the main advantages of creative clusters, visitors highlighted a special atmosphere (59 per cent) and cultural and social events placement (53 per cent). Visitors are also attracted by the concentration of many activities in one space, designer shops with unique products, and unusual food.

Ru-Main, 17.10.2020 

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