Russians Revealed Why They Like Private Houses

Almost half of Russians (42 per cent) in a hypothetical situation of choosing a new housing will give preference not to a flat but to a private house. At the same time, in real life, only 16 per cent of Russians intend to purchase or build a house in the next 5 years, according to the results of a study conducted by the NAFI Analytical Centre. Under a private house is understood as a separate building, mostly in a village or suburb, which can be used for living at any time of the year. 

It is noted that in the past few years, living outside the city has become a trend. Today, Russians take suburban real estate not only as a refuge during a pandemic but also as a permanent residence and an alternative vacation spot. As for the main criteria for choosing a house, in addition to its price, most Russians named a convenient location (proximity to the place of work or study), the availability of public transport, and a good ecology of the area.

The majority of Russians (79 per cent) consider buying a house in the next 5 years impossible. Most often, this opinion is shared by residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (87 per cent), aged 60 and older (80 per cent). It is also stated that 16 per cent of Russians consider it probable that in 5 years they will purchase or build a house. These are mostly young people aged 25-34 (29 per cent), mostly men.

Ru-Main, 11.10.2020

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