Russians Shared Favourite Ways for Health Protection at Work

Russian job search service together with the SberZdorovye (SberHealth) doctors search service conducted a joint study by interviewing more than 4,000 respondents from all regions of Russia and found out what measures are used by company employees to protect themselves against coronavirus infection at work. 

According to the results of the study, 57 per cent of Russians prefer to wash their hands and use antiseptics, 14 per cent of respondents use gloves, 51 per cent of respondents wear medical masks at work, and another 29 per cent try to maintain social distance with their colleagues. In the “Other” option, respondents most often specified that they work remotely or have already been vaccinated against coronavirus.

It is specified that most of the country’s residents (66 per cent) are tired of wearing masks and gloves, 23 per cent of respondents do not want to observe the self-isolation regime anymore, 11 per cent are tired of maintaining social distance, another 7 per cent are tired of using antiseptics, and 6 per cent don’t like the remote work format. In the “Other” option, the respondents most often specified that they were tired of the pandemic as a whole.

Ru-Main, 03.02.2021 

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