Russians Shared New Year Wishes for 2021

Russian job search service conducted a survey among more than 3,500 residents from all regions of the country and found out what wishes the respondents will make on New Year’s Eve. 

Thus, according to the results of the study, the main wish of Russians for the next year was health (51%), salary increase (44%), and happiness (42%). Also, 35% of the study participants dream that coronavirus pandemic will be over in 2021, 28% of the surveyed want to buy a flat or a car, 23% wish to find their vocation, and 20% hope to find a suitcase with a million dollars.

In addition, experts noted that 19% of respondents on New Year’s Eve will wish that the next year will pass without cataclysms and disasters, 15% want to find their love, 14% would like to go on the journey of their dreams, 10% do not want to get infected coronavirus, 7% wish to spend the whole year on a remote work format, 3% of Russians dream of returning to the office, and 1% each will ask a million subscribers on social networks or attending a concert of their favourite band.

Ru-Main, 30.12.2020 

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