Russians Shared Plans on How to Make City Life Comfortable

Residents of Russian blocks of flats believe that housing should be energy efficient, have high-quality sound insulation, and durability for at least half a century, according to the experts from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM). Most often Russian residents of such kind of housing face low (33 per cent) or high (33 per cent) air temperature in a flat, dry air (29 per cent), cold floor (23 per cent), cold stairs (22 per cent), or cold walls (20 per cent).  

In this regard, most of the tenants of blocks of flats are ready to invest in comfort when buying their next flat. Thus, 65 per cent of the respondents are ready to pay 1-2 per cent more for a square metre of housing, if in the future utility bills are reduced and this will pay off the additional costs within five years.

In turn, according to 43 per cent of the respondents, their house needs additional thermal insulation. So, 52 per cent of respondents use additional heating devices in winter, while 6 per cent use them constantly, 18 per cent from time to time, and 28 per cent extremely rarely. In addition, the overwhelming majority of respondents (86 per cent) when choosing a flat in a new building, take increased sound insulation as one of the main criteria for buying a premise.

Experts also found out that the vast majority of respondents (96 per cent) do not know the energy efficiency class of their home. At the same time, 39 per cent to one degree or another would be willing even to pay together with other residents to inspect their house for compliance with the energy efficiency class.

The overwhelming majority of respondents (93 per cent) believe that the service life of a block of flats should exceed 50 years. In a hypothetical situation of choosing a material for roof insulation, 63 per cent of respondents would choose a more expensive long-term solution (for a period of 25 years). In addition, the majority of respondents (66 per cent) would like to receive general information about the materials that were used in the construction of a building of their house.

Ru-Main, 18.06.2021 

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