Russians Start Using PayRings [Video]

In 2020, sales of the payment ring from Rosselkhozbank, which is a key creditor to the Russian agro-industrial complex, increased more than fivefold. It was estimated that 70 per cent of all payment rings were black (for both male and female users), 1rnd reports.  

It is noted that the ‘PayRing’ payment rings are a modern alternative to the traditional bank card. In 2020, the popularity of the ring as a payment instrument has increased fivefold. They have a stylish laconic design, made of zirconium ceramics and equipped with a chip module that provides an NFC payment function. It is specified that in order to use such a ring, you just need to bring your hand with the ring to the terminal that supports contactless card payments. Thanks to high-strength materials, rings are not afraid of water, so you can play sports and even swim with them.

Ru-Main, 03.03.2021 

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