Russians Started Buying Hair Clippers and Manicure Lamps

The demand for hair clippers grew by almost 5 times among Russians, and sales of manicure machines rose by 442 per cent against the backdrop of the introduced self-isolation, TASS reports with reference to the Ozon study, whose experts analyzed about 1.5 million orders and 2 million search requests. 

From April 1 to April 15, sales of hair clippers increased by 391 per cent compared with demand in 2019. Sales of UV/LED lamps for a manicure procedure increased by 196 per cent compared to the last year. The sales of all manicure devices amounted to 442 per cent over the same period.

Russians also started to buy more cosmetics. For example, the sales of body care products increased in the first half of April by 197 per cent compared to the demand in 2019. Skin moisturizers and nourishers, scrubs and peels are also popular in the spring season.

Ru-Main, 20.04.2020

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