Russians Study Hard to Get Job Promotion

Every third Russian believes that in order to receive a high salary he needs to constantly improve his skills, which follows from the results of an open survey conducted by specialists from the SuperJob job search service. 

According to the study results, Russians believe that in order to earn more money, in addition to looking for a high-paying job, you need to constantly study and improve your skills (34 per cent), work harder and better (15 per cent), show dedication and initiative (13 per cent), or negotiate with an employer about an increase in wages (12 per cent).

In turn, one in twentieth believes that you need to open your own business, 4 per cent advise to master a new profession, 3 per cent each to look for a part-time job or make useful connections, and 2 per cent each to start building a career, develop intelligence and look for sources of passive income. Other advice was given by 19 per cent of the respondents. Among these tips was to develop a desire to earn money, be sociable, active, mobile, or move to another city.

Ru-Main, 15.05.2021

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