Russians Support Worldwide Cooperation to Solve Global Problems

As part of a global study, the Romir research holding together with the GlobalNR international community of research companies, in April 2020 studied the opinions of people from Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, the USA, Thailand, and South Korea on a number of key topics of public life.  

Picture: Romir Research Holding Website

It is specified that the total number of survey participants is more than 7,100 respondents representing different socio-demographic groups. All respondents were asked one and the same question: “How much do you agree with the statement “Many global problems can be solved only through the interaction of world leaders?”.

According to the results of the survey, in the whole world, 74 per cent of residents agree with this statement. India was the leader among the countries on the approval index (91 per cent). In turn, Brazil (66 per cent) and the United States (62 per cent) were the least likely to agree with this idea.

As for Russians, 75 per cent of the country’s residents agreed with the statement (of them, 41 per cent absolutely agree and 34 per cent mostly agree). The share of women and men differs a bit (78 per cent of female vs. 71 per cent male respondents). In addition, it was found that 82 per cent of Russians over 55 years old and 68 per cent of young people (18-34 years old) agreed with this opinion. Also, 79 per cent of Russians with higher education and 69 per cent of Russians without higher education expressed their approval f the idea.

Ru-Main, 04.03.2021 

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