Russians Survival Rate Keep Growing

Life expectancy rates for cancer patients vary from region to region. In some regions, the survival rate of people with cancer is the highest, for example, in the Crimea. This is influenced not only by the timely provision of the necessary medical care but also by the specifics of the climate, reported. 

The highest survival rate of cancer patients in Crimea can be associated with the characteristics of the territory, such as climate, which increases immunity. It is noted that the smallest number of cancer patients who have been registered for 5 years are in Sevastopol (42%), the Magadan Region (43.2%), Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (47.2%), Karachay-Cherkessia (48%), and Dagestan (48, 3%). In total, the proportion of people living from the time of cancer diagnosis for five or more years is 55.3% around the country (at the beginning of 2014, this indicator was 52.4%).

Ru-Main, 16.07.2020

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