Russians to Get Financial Support for Academic Year Preparation

On the eve of the new academic year, Russian families will get additional financial support from their employers. However, it only applies to those who are officially employed, NewsNN reported. 

It is noted that this type of support is up to an employer, it is not his duty but a goodwill act, so he can either agree or refuse it. To receive money for the preparation of a child for school, a person should write an application addressed to the head of a company, indicating the reason for receiving financial support. If an employer approves of it, he can give a bonus or subsidize expenses.

It is specified that most often the amount of additional payments for preparing a child for the first grade is 5,000 rubles. However, in a difficult situation in the family, an employee can ask for up to 50,000 rubles. It is also stated that an employer can not only support his employee with payments but even buy a school uniform for a child of an employee himself.

Ru-Main, 09.08.2020 

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