Russians to Monitor Health Using SIM Cards

The Russian telecommunications provider MegaFon launches a new service that will allow monitoring of health without visiting any clinic. Medical devices equipped with SIM cards, after taking measurements of health indicators (blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and others) automatically transfer data to the MegaFon Cloud, where they are aggregated in an impersonal form. 

It is specified that all personal data is seen only by a doctor. There is also displayed a patient’s target and current indicators, as well as the names of other attending physicians. If necessary, it is also possible to make an appointment with doctors there. The service allows to quickly adjust drug therapy, identify possible postoperative complications, seeing a negative trend, or call an ambulance for a patient.

The service assumes different scenarios, namely short, designed for one to three months, which allows a patient to prescribe and control treatment, adjust the dosage of drugs, or long-term for those who need constant monitoring. It is also important that in case a patient forgets to take measurements, the service will send him an SMS-message with a reminder.

Ru-Main, 24.07.2020

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