Russians Told About Daily Expenses During Pandemic

The analysts at the Romir research holding stated that the demand for everyday goods exceeded the indicators of the previous three years. Most of the expenses of Russians were made in February, March, and May-August, KazanFirst reports. 

According to the research, most expenses increased in March (+22 percentage points), compared to the 2012 baseline. In July, the growth of expenses of citizens amounted to 5 pp. Most of all, Russians are worried about the rise in prices and the high cost of living (44-46 per cent), poverty, low salaries, and pensions (40-46 per cent of the respondents).

It is specified that previously, the peak of cost growth was in November and December. In particular, in December 2019, cost growth amounted to 23 pp, and in 2016-2019, the peak values ​​were recorded in November-December (23 pp).

Ru-Main, 22.10.2020 

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