Russians Told About Ideal New Year Evening

In December 2020, experts from the job search service conducted a study and found out how, according to Russians, the ideal New Year goes. More than 3,500 respondents over 18 years old, belonging to the economically active population of the country, took part in the survey. 

According to the results of the survey, 7 out of 10 Russians believe that New Year is a family holiday and should be spent at home, 10% of respondents prefer to spend the New Year at a party with friends, another 8% do not celebrate this holiday at all.

Also, for 6% of respondents, the ideal way to meet this day is to go on a trip, 2% of respondents prefer to work on New Year’s Eve, and 1% would like to spend this time in the city centre participating in mass festivities. Among the other variants, people answered that for them the ideal New Year’s Eve is that which is spent with their loved ones or alone.

Ru-Main, 25.12.2020

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