Russians Told About Role of Success in Their Lives

According to a survey conducted by specialists from the SuperJob job search service, almost 6 out of 10 Russians consider themselves successful people, 15 per cent of whom are absolutely sure of this, while 44 per cent are rather confident in this. 

When asked what it means to be successful, Russians most often answered that it means to achieve goals (18 per cent), to be rich (17 per cent), to be happy (16 per cent), to do what you love (13 per cent), and to enjoy achievements (10 per cent). In addition, when asked about the connection between success and career, 26 per cent of Russians gave a confident answer that a person’s success is connected directly with career achievements, while 60 per cent of the surveyed disagree with this statement.

To the question: “What do you primarily mean by the concept of ‘success’?”, almost every fourth respondent (24 per cent) answered “achieving the desired result”. Money and well-being were mentioned by 19 per cent of respondents, their favourite job by 11 per cent, the possibility of self-realization by 8 per cent, and satisfaction with what was done by 7 per cent. In addition, 21 per cent of Russians associate success with wealth and prosperity, 14 per cent of respondents associate it with achieving their goals, 12 per cent with joy, 9 per cent with their favourite job, and 7 per cent with family and respect.

Interestingly, women are more likely than men to consider themselves successful (62 per cent versus 57 per cent). For men, being successful means first of all being rich (19 per cent) and only then, being happy and achieving your goals (14 per cent each). Women, on the contrary, more often mentioned that being successful means achieving a goal (22 per cent) and being happy (19 per cent), while only 15 per cent of them named wealth as a criterion for success.

To the question “What do you primarily mean by the concept of ‘success’?” men more often spoke about money, while women usually mentioned achieving goals, self-realization, and pleasure from their favourite work. Finally, judging by the named associations, women relate to success more emotionally. Thus, if men more often mentioned money as the association to success, then women spoke about pleasure, joy, and happiness.

Ru-Main, 09.08.2021 

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