Russians Told About Their Plans for Retirement

Two out of five Russians who took part in the research of the SberNPF and the Rambler portal would like to start their own business when they reach retirement age, TASS reports. Among the reasons for this, they named the desire to secure a decent income (50 per cent), use the free time and energy (23 per cent), and start the family business for their children (14 per cent). 

The researchers stated that 41 per cent of respondents dream of their business in retirement. It is specified that 25 per cent would open a small hotel, 18 per cent, an online store, 15 per cent, a catering establishment, 11 per cent, a repair shop, 9 per cent, a car workshop, 6 per cent, a delivery service, and 4 per cent, a beauty salon or fitness club.

When discussing the desired profitability of a business, about every third respondent would be satisfied with receiving 100-200 thousand rubles a month, the same amount would admit from 50 to 100 thousand rubles, 17 per cent would be satisfied with up to 50 thousand rubles, 15 per cent would like to receive from 200 to 500 thousand, and another 10 per cent dream of an income of not less than half a million rubles.

Ru-Main, 01.10.2020 

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