Russians Told Expectations About Working Conditions in 2021

Russians began to expect less salary increases and changes in the motivation system from their work, but more often they began to expect a decrease in the workload and recognition of their achievements, according to the specialists of the SuperJob job search service. 

The majority of Russians (54 per cent) expect a salary increase from their jobs in 2021, 38 per cent count on stability, and 29 per cent, on career growth. For every fourth working Russian (25 per cent), new interesting tasks are important, the same number of respondents would like to work with adequate directors (25 per cent), and 16 per cent of respondents dream of improving working conditions. In turn, 12 per cent would like to revise the system of motivation and recognition of their achievements, 10 per cent expect a decrease in workload, and only 4 per cent of respondents dream of improving relationships in the team.

Compared to the results of a similar study conducted in December 2020, there are fewer of those who are waiting for a salary increase (59 per cent and 54 per cent, respectively) and a change in the motivation system (16 per cent and 12 per cent). However, more Russians dream about reducing the workload (5 per cent and 10 per cent) and recognizing their achievements (9 per cent and 12 per cent).

It is specified that both women and men want career growth, competent leadership, and improved relations with colleagues almost equally. At the same time, women are much more likely than men to count on higher wages, stability, and improved working conditions. It is also noted that there are more of those who dream of a wage increase among respondents aged 35 to 44 (57 per cent) and Russians with an income of 30 to 50 thousand rubles. (59 per cent). Besides, young people are more likely than others to dream of career growth (48 per cent), while respondents over 45 need stability (46 per cent).

Ru-Main, 19.04.2021 

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