Russians Told How Much Money They Need for Financial Independence

Most Russians believe that in order to achieve financial independence, they should earn at least 74.9 thousand rubles a month, RBC reports with reference to a study by Sberbank Life Insurance. 

The specialists have found out that residents of the country consider financially independent people to be those who are fully self-sufficient (64 per cent), have their own housing (55 per cent), cover all their needs with a constant income (49 per cent), travel a lot (32 per cent), help loved ones (24 per cent), and receive passive investment income (15 per cent). At the same time, 82 per cent of the respondents named decent earnings as the main sign of financial independence.

The highest requests were recorded among Muscovites (104.4 thousand rubles), Petersburgers (98.5 thousand), and residents of Vladivostok (92.7 thousand). Experts found out that ways of earning income differ depending on age. Thus, people from 18 to 30 years old most often want to have their own business (50 per cent) and income from renting real estate (42 per cent), respondents from 30 to 40 years old rely primarily on savings (43 per cent), and the older generation (from 50 to 60 years old) count on salary (89 per cent).

In total, 63 per cent of residents of large and medium-sized cities in Russia called themselves financially independent. It is stated that Russians consider savings to be an important condition for financial independence (33 per cent). This opinion prevails among Muscovites, who on average need 6.39 million rubles. They are followed by residents of Kemerovo (4.2 million) and St. Petersburg (4.12 million), while the average amount of necessary savings in the country amounted to 3.4 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 11.06.2021 

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