Russians Told How Much Money They Need to Be Happy

A resident of Russia, on average, needs to receive from 100 to 150 thousand rubles a month in order to feel happy, according to the results of a study conducted by Otkrytie Bank and the insurance company Rosgosstrakh Life. It is stated that half of Russians feel happy if they have a prestigious and highly paid job and 26 per cent, if they have a lot of money. 

At the same time, 43 per cent of those surveyed said that to be happy they need to earn ten times more than they earn now, 4 percent are satisfied with their current earnings. Most often, Moscow residents expressed satisfaction with their incomes (6 per cent). As for the requirements for the amount of earnings necessary for happiness, they are higher for Muscovites than for other residents of the country (150-300 thousand rubles a month), Prime reports.

Ru-Main, 14.10.2020 

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