Russians Told How Much They Spend on New Year’s Gifts

Job search service SuperJob conducted research on New Year’s presents. Most of the Russians surveyed (68%) said they were going to present New Year’s gifts to their relatives. Women (74%) are going to make gifts more often than men (63%), and young people under 24 (79%) are more likely than those over 45 (64%), om1 reports. 

It is noted that every third respondent (32%) prepares a New Year’s gift for his beloved one. Among Russians under 24 years old, 50% intend to give gifts to their partners, and among those surveyed over 45, the figure is 27%. Men present New Year’s gifts more often than women (35% versus 29%). Also, respondents with an income of more than 80,000 rubles (38%) give gifts to their partners more often.

It is specified that 17% of Russians are going to present New Year’s gifts to their friends. Representatives of the younger generation (39%) are very active on this issue. Also, 6% of respondents make gifts to colleagues and 10% make gifts to themselves. This is more typical of women (13%) and youth (16%). Finally, 15% of respondents are not going to prepare any gifts at all. Of this, 17% are men, Russians over 45 (18%), and respondents with an income of up to 30,000 rubles (19%).

Ru-Main, 30.11.2020 

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