Russians Told How They See Real Man

Experts from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre conducted a study, during which they analyzed the expectations of Russians from a “real man”, and also revealed his character traits and the expected behaviour of him. According to the survey results, the most valuable qualities in men for Russians are honesty, sincerity, and straightforwardness (19 per cent). The second place is taken by reliability, confidence, and constancy (14 per cent), and the top three was closed by decency and fairness (9 per cent).  

The experts found that the majority of Russians believe that men and women should take an equal part in housekeeping (85 per cent). Raising children is also the task of both genders (86 per cent), according to the residents of the country. However, the breadwinner in the family must be a man (59 per cent, of which 65 per cent are male respondents). In addition, the arrangements of leisure time in the family is the task of both spouses (71 per cent).

It is also specified that military service, which is mandatory for all men in Russia, should remain an exclusively male task, according to 68 per cent of Russians (71 per cent among men). In addition, among the main duties of a man, Russians named protecting the family, participating in its life and taking care of it (18 per cent), being a defender (8 per cent), a decent and worthy person (8 per cent), responsible (5 per cent) and polite (4 per cent), as well as always keep his word (4 per cent).

Ru-Main, 05.03.2021 

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