Russians Told How They Spend New Year’s Salary Bonuses

Most Russians are going to spend their “thirteenth salary” (a salary with a bonus) on paying off loans, vacations, or buying gifts, RIA News reports with reference to the results of a survey conducted by the SuperJob job search service among 1,600 Russians over 18 years old. 

According to the results of the survey, 14 per cent of respondents plan to spend the annual bonuses on distributing debts and paying off loans, while 13 per cent of respondents are going to go on vacation with this money, and 12 per cent going to buy gifts.

Also, every tenth respondent plans to complete repairs or buy furniture, 9 per cent plan to save money for the future, and 6 per cent of respondents want to pay for training. Other options included “throwing a party for the family”, “repairing a car”, and “buying a gadget”.

Ru-Main, 24.12.2020 

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