Russians Told What Household Chores They Like Most

Online service YouDo has found out what household chores Russians like and hate most of all. According to analysts, 51 per cent of citizens takes cleaning as neutral and can calmly put things in order. A third of Russians force themselves to clean their houses, and another 10 per cent really like the cleaning process, RT reports.  

It is noted that the most favourite household chores of Russians were laundry and dishwashing (41 per cent of voices). Ironing is recognized to be hated the most, so almost half of the survey participants admitted that they hate this activity. It is also stated that 48 per cent of Russians do the cleaning once a week, 19 per cent once every two weeks, 17 per cent daily, 9 per cent once a month, and 3 per cent once every several months.

Ru-Main, 17.09.2020 

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