Russians Told What They Lack Most Working Remotely

The experts of a provider of professional communication solutions for business, Mango Telecom, interviewed managers of Russian companies and found out which office conditions do they lack most in remote locations, NewsNN reports. 

The survey was carried out in the interface of the MANGO OFFICE business telephony inventory management system among working specialists. It turned out that more often (25% of respondents) people working remotely lack large office monitors. At the same time, 14% would like to get home a personal computer, 22% are accustomed to documents on paper, so they need a printer; the same number mentioned a comfortable office chair, 18% miss a coffee machine, and 6% lack a flip chart or whiteboard with markers.

To the question “What Did You Take Home From Your Workplace?” almost a third of the respondents answered “Diary”, every fifth person took headphones, 14% disconnected the mouse, 12% took a calculator, and 8% got a computer or other serious office equipment. Respondents also named personal items that could not be left in an empty office, those were phone chargers (12%), mugs (7%), clothes or shoes (7%), and ornamental plants (6%).

Ru-Main, 22.11.2020 

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