Russians Told What They Need to Be Happy

Job search service published the results of a study, during which experts found out how Russian residents assess their level of happiness and what affects it. It turned out that the majority of those surveyed (57 per cent) need a decent salary to be happy. 

Also, for 53 per cent of Russian residents, good living conditions are one of the main factors of happiness, 52 per cent of respondents noted the importance of having a strong family, 45 per cent of survey participants indicated that they are made happy by the success of their children, and for 43 per cent of respondents one of the factors of happiness is to have a beloved job.

In addition, 33 per cent of Russians feel happy because of their hobbies, and for 32 per cent of respondents, happiness comes from a good love partner. Another 27 per cent of respondents are pleased with the good weather, 26 per cent with loyal friends, and 24 per cent are happy to have some free time. In the “Other” option, respondents most often mentioned world peace, health, and vacation as factors of happiness.

Ru-Main, 10.06.2021 

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