Russians Told Which Meat Brand They Trust Most

Specialists of the Romir research holding presented an index of popularity and trust of Russians to brands of meat producers. According to the results of the research carried out by the holding’s specialists, the “Miratorg” brand is at the top of the rating (92 per cent of the respondents know it).  

Picture: AgroInvestor

The second place is taken by the “Cherkizovo” brand (87 per cent) and the top three is closed by “Mikoyan” (84 per cent). Slightly fewer respondents are familiar with the brands “Dymov” (81 per cent) and “Ostankino” (78 per cent). The least known brands for Russian consumers were “Velkom” (66 per cent) and “Myasnov” (59 per cent).

In the rating of Russians’ trust, based on the difference between the shares of respondents who have a positive and negative attitude to a brand, the leaders are “Miratorg” (82 pp) and “Cherkizovo” (79 pp). “Dymov” and “Mikoyan” share equal result (77 pp each). Next in the ranking are the brands “Ostankino” (76 pp), “Velkom” (72 pp), and “Myasnov” (69 pp).

Ru-Main, 18.06.2021 

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