Russians Won Bronze Medal at Olympics in Synchronized Diving

The Russians, Alexander Bondar and Viktor Minibaev, won bronze medals in synchronized diving from a 10-metre platform at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, TASS reports. The result of Russian athletes was 439.92 points. The British, Thomas Daly and Matty Lee (471.81), won the gold medal, and the Chinese, Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen (470.58), took the second place.  

Picture: TASS

Alexander Bondar already has two silver and two bronze medals at the World Championships and five victories at the European Championships. In turn, Viktor Minibaev has won silver medals at the world championships four times and bronze medals once, and he is also a five-time European champion.

It is specified that the Bondar and Minibaev’s award became the third in the history of the Russian team in this form. At the Games in Sydney in 2000, Igor Lukashin and Dmitry Sautin won the gold medal, and at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Gleb Galperin and Dmitry Dobroskok became bronze medalists.

In the overall standings, the Russian national team takes seventh place, having won one gold, four silver, and three bronze medals. The team of China (6-3-6) is in the lead, the US team is the second (6-3-4), and the third is the team of Japan (6-1-1).

Ru-Main, 26.07.2021 

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