Russians Would Gladly Work With Friends But Not Relatives

The majority of Russians would not like to work in a subordination, nor to be a boss of their family members, while working together with their best friends seems to be quite an attractive idea for them, which follows from the results of a survey conducted by specialists of the SuperJob job search service. 

According to the results of the study, 56% of Russians would like to work in the same company with their best friend, but only 30% are ready to solve work tasks together with their beloved ones (girlfriends and boyfriends/husbands and wives). Opponents of this idea believe that personal relationships between spouses can interfere with work, and common work, in turn, can complicate personal relationships. Also, there were even fewer people willing to work with their parents (28% would agree to work with their fathers and 21% with their mothers).

It is specified that men are more likely than women to share working time with their best friend and spouse, and women are more likely to share their working time with their mothers.

Interestingly, 41% of respondents are ready to work for their best friends, 38% for their fathers, 27% for their beloved ones, and mothers. In particular, men are more likely than women to accept working for a friend, while women are more likely than men to work for their mothers.

Having presented themselves in a managerial position, 46% of Russians declared their readiness to take their best friend as a subordinate. In turn, 29% agree to be the boss of their fathers and 27%, of their beloved person. Only one in four would agree to give working orders to their mothers. It is noted that men are more likely than women to agree to become the boss of their wife and friend, while women would like to manage their mothers’ work.

Ru-Main, 27.08.2021 

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