Russia’s President Allowed Soldiers Serve Under Contract in FSB

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has signed a decree granting Russians the right to sign a contract to serve in the FSB (Federal Security Service). According to the document, conscript soldiers can also serve under contract in the special service and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. 

Picture: Stavropol TV

As reminded, on August 12, Putin also signed a decree that FSB employees’ one day of service on the border with Donbass and the special operation zone will be counted as two days. Service in the territories bordering with the DPR, LPR, and Ukraine should also e counted in the length of service for the appointment of a pension on preferential terms.

As for the partial mobilization in Russia, according to the country’s Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, on Tuesday, October 4, over 200,000 people have already arrived in the Russian armed forces as part of a partial mobilization that has begun on September 21, TASS reports.

According to Shoigu, the relevant officials have been instructed to provide the mobilized with the necessary sets of clothes and other property, to appoint them to military positions.

“The training of the personnel of the formed units is carried out at eighty training grounds and in six training centers,” Shoigu said.

It is also noted that a large number of volunteers come to military enlistment offices during partial mobilization. The Minister warned that none of them should be refused unless there are serious reasons for it. He also instructed the Main Directorate of Control and Supervisory Activities to “carefully monitor the entire range of partial mobilization measures.”

Ru-Main, 04.10.2022
Source: Lenta 

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