Samara Resident Installed Toyota Land Cruiser Turbine on Russian Moskvich

Moskvich 401 was produced in 1954-1956 and was an improved version of the first mass-produced vehicle in the USSR, the M-400, with the design identical to the Opel Kadett K38. In the family of Alexander Antonov, the car has appeared in 1954. His grandfather who was an engineer became the first one to start modernizing the vehicle, reports.  

From the age of 5, Alexander was fond of technology, and already at 12, he bought his first car. When he got married, he opted for the Chevrolet Niva family car. Later, the man started to be keen on retro themes and remembered his old M-401.

“I installed a turbine from a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, although all engineers and specialists forbade me to do this. They said that a modern turbine on a retro engine would blow up a car, but I put it anyway. I just felt that everything would be okay. The device started working, and so far there have been no failures,” Alexander said.

The handyman confessed that every time he drives the car, something breaks down in it. To go somewhere, he definitely needs to find something, build or pick up. However, he stated that the car gives him a break from the main job as a plumber, as in addition to strength, he also puts his soul into it.

It is noted that car restoration is an expensive thing. That is why on the hood of the old “Moskvich”, Alexander installed a piggy bank with the inscription “For the Car Body”, and kind citizens donate him their money. To completely restore the car, Alexander is now looking for spare parts throughout the country.

Ru-Main, 10.10.2020, Pictures: Samara Regional Website 

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