Saratov Enterprises Received 200 Million Rubles for Investments

Last year, Saratov enterprises participating in the implementation of the national project “Labor Productivity” received loans worth about 200 million rubles, which they used to implement investment projects, TASS reports with reference to the Minister of Economic Development of the region Andrey Razborov.  

In particular, the ‘Geodor’ company, which is engaged in the production of materials for the construction of roads and gas and oil pipelines, received 99 million rubles, and the company ‘NITA-FARM’, a creator of veterinary drugs, will receive 95 million rubles. The total cost of implementing investment projects is 337 million rubles.

Also, as part of the national project in 2019-2020, about 900 employees of enterprises in the region were sent for retraining. It is specified that they received training in lean technologies, which allowed participating enterprises to increase their production by about 30 per cent.

Ru-Main, 13.01.2021 

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