Sber Patented Ultra-Precise Magnetometer

The SberDevices company has patented an ultra-precise wearable magnetometer that makes it possible to conduct research for the development of brain-computer interfaces, RIA Novosti reports.  

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The ultra-precise wearable magnetometer, an invention of Alexandra Bernadotte from the SberDevices team, received a patent from the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). It is noted that this patent gives SberDevices the opportunity to conduct fundamental and applied research that will record the work of the brain for the development of ultra-precise brain-computer interfaces (neurointerfaces).

Experts explain that the fields of application of the technology are not limited to neurointerfaces, because the magnetometer can also be used in medicine for fast, high-precision and cheap diagnostics of diseases, in archaeology to study finds without damaging them, and in ensuring safety in geology, astronomy and many other fields.

The uniqueness of the patented technology lies in the fact that the registration of the magnetic field occurs through the use of a gradiometer, which consists of a combination of atomic magnetometers with the effect of optical pumping. Thanks to this solution, it becomes possible to create a device that has no analogues – capable of registering small magnetic fields, including those emitted by the human brain, in conditions of magnetic noise. Thus, the magnetometer does not require special operating conditions and can be portable.

Ru-Main, 15.07.2021 

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