Scandalous Rapper Morgenshtern Told How He Started His Career

Together with another rapper, Vitya AK-47, they recorded a track for the new album of Morgenshtern. In the first two days, the album “Legendary Dust” was listened 22 million times. 

“I started to rap at 11 years old. Mom gave me a microphone, then I overheard Guf and AK-47. These are my teachers. Engaged in rap, I was mocked by seniors at school. And I thought it wasn’t mine. I took a guitar, my mother bought it. She is a holy woman, the best one. At that time, I just hated the new rap, the new school,” said the rapper.

Morgenshtern’s new album contains 10 tracks, one of which he recorded with Vitya AK. The rapper previously co-wrote the song with the Ural singer Klava Coca. And when the performer came to Yekaterinburg with a concert, the girls threw their panties onto the stage.

Ru-Main, 02.02.2020

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