Self-Isolation Influenced Muscovites’ Nutrition

Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg have significantly changed their eating habits in the home environment due to the spread of coronavirus infection, RIA News reports. 

The introduction of a self-isolation regime due to spread of coronavirus has greatly changed Muscovites consumer habits. They have begun to order food with home delivery more often and spend more money on it than before. The study of the Samokat delivery service showed that among the interviewed 1,635 respondents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, 41 per cent admitted that they have to spend more on food in isolation.

They also noted that in the over the past two weeks, the average bill has grown by 25%.
At the same time, it is women who order delivery of products most often, that is 72%. Almost half of the respondents (46%) admitted that they began to cook more often, and for the majority, this is not a burden, as 62% of respondents like to cook, and another 29% do it according to their mood.

Ru-Main, 06.04.2020

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