Serbian Athlete Helps Elderly Muscovites

Milan Miletich came to Moscow from Serbia, and now helps elderly neighbours. He is convinced that giving a helping hand to a person in need is very important. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

Milan lives with his wife Sveta and son Nikola in the Moscow area of ​​Kuzminki. For several years, a Serbian athlete trained people for free in Gorky Park and in the Luzhniki sports complex, VM.RU reports. He also helps with the organization of the Moscow marathon.

Forced isolation turned his efforts to his elderly neighbours. He saw an ad offering to help buy food or bring medicine to the elderly neighbours and wrote on it a postscript “My name is Milan, I’m from apartment number 91”.

Milan said, that many people have difficulty with moving around, cannot stand in lines, and a ban on leaving the house will not allow them even to reach the store. So, a set of grocery baskets with bread, milk, cereals, vegetables, and something delicious for tea is something that older people usually ask for.

Ru-Main, 01.04.2020

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