Sergei Sobyanin: Moscow Coped With Pandemic Better Than World Cities

Moscow coped with the coronavirus pandemic better than other cities of the world, TASS reports citing Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.  

“I think that we did no worse than the world cities. And given the fact that we had much fewer restrictions, fewer lockdowns, the economy suffered less, I think, even better,” Sobyanin said.

The mayor noted that the city system has been worked out in such a way that it makes possible a normal life in the city and the work of all its branches. According to the federal operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19, as of May 22, 2021, the number of people infected with coronavirus infection in Moscow increased by 2,653 per day, 60 people died, 2,428 patients were discharged after recovery.

Ru-Main, 23.05.2021

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