Sevastopol Military Museum Showed New Exposition [Video]

The Sevastopol Military History Museum-Reserve showed military equipment from the exposition located at the Sapun-Gora memorial complex, the press service of the museum reports. It is planned that the T-34 tank will be involved in the winter, and after the warming in the spring, other military equipment will be launched too.  

“Today there was a “zero” test demonstration of equipment. First, our director of the museum spoke, then the announcer told about the tank itself, and then the tank roared with its engine, turned the turret,” a representative of the museum said.

It is noted that the restoration of military equipment has been underway in Sevastopol since 2018. Repaired tanks from the exposition of the museum on the Mount Sapun are participating in parades for Victory Day. The rest of the time they, as usual exhibits, are put at the open exhibition of the memorial complex, created on the site of one of the most important battles for the liberation of the city, which took place on May 7, 1944. It is specified that this year, as part of the reconstruction of the complex, the Alley of Glory for Russian Weapons was created there.

Ru-Main, 05.01.2021 

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