Shelter Bar “Shroedinger’s Cat” in Moscow

Shelter bar Schroedinger’s Cat is rightly considered the most mysterious bar in Moscow, there’s no other looking like it. The official motto of the bar: “Now you see it, now you don’t”.   

The interior itself is full of puzzles and riddles. But after a couple of cocktails from the bar card structured like Mendeleev’s Periodical table, a keen observer will find the door to the next level – an even more enigmatic secret bar. Its counter is shaped like a crashed UFO, the walls sparkle with constellations and the guests are welcome to put on their music playlists.

The legendary shelter bar is marked by no signboard. Once you find the way through a blast-proof shelter door, you descend the stairs that lead to three doors and two pictures on the wall. Still can’t see the entrance? Give it a thought, find the secret button and the wall will move apart and make your way through the hidden passage full of thick smoke.

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