Ship for Moon Flights Estimated at 8 Billion Rubles

Roscosmos State Corporation intends to allocate more than eight billion rubles for the production of a ship for flights to the International Space Station and the Moon, reports VM.RU

The production of the manned spacecraft “Orel” (“Eagle”) has been entrusted to the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. In accordance with the plan, it will first release a full-size model for launch tests, and then a full-fledged ship for operation.

Roscosmos is ready to allocate 8.1 billion rubles for the creation of a second new-generation manned transport vehicle of the new generation, according to information on the government procurement website.

The first test launch of the ship “Orel” (“Eagle”), formerly called the “Federation”, is expected to be held in August-September 2023 on the Angara-A5 rocket.

Ru-Main, 13.01.2020

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