Shop Owner Detained Robber in Almetyevsk

The owner of the Almetyevsk shop noticed the loss of goods. He decided to watch over the robber without asking the police for help, reports KazanFirst. For four nights he sat in ambush, armed with a noise gun. 

On the eve of about midnight, the man heard a roar. Having run out into the hall, he fired several warning shots. Seeing him, the robber threw a bag of loot and tried to escape. The shop owner tried to catch him, but the suspect hit him several times and jumped out the window.

At that time, a police patrol crew was passing by the store. The officers detained the robber and brought him to the police department. The detainee admitted that he committed seven more similar thefts. Investigators opened a criminal case under the article “Attempted robbery”, reports the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tatarstan.

Ru-Main, 05.02.2020

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