Siberian Pensioner Complained about Poverty and Received Gifts

Vyacheslav, a 68-year-old pensioner from Siberia, became an Internet star after a  response to a journalist of one of the TV channels. To the question: “How do you like the city Christmas tree?” he boldly replied: “What kind of Christmas trees can be when there is poverty!”

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

The video of such an interview spread over social networks, journalists from different cities began to watch the pensioner on the street or make phone calls. According to the pensioner, this embarrassed his family, especially concerning neighbours who thought that “all of Russia was filling him with gifts and money.

Last year, the Novosibirsk company decided to help the pensioner by releasing a charity collection, 20% of the sales of which were transferred to Vyacheslav. In total, a famous pensioner received 40,000 rubles, which he spent on the treatment and repair of the old Zhiguli car.

Together with the money, the company brought to the pensioner T-shirts and sweatshirts, a bag of food and a decorated Christmas tree.

Ru-Main, 27.12.2019

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