Siberian Resident Implanted 5 Chips Under His Skin

A doctor from Novosibirsk, Alexander Volchek, implanted five chips under his skin, reports Novosibirsk TV-Channel. The chips help him to do particular operations without electronic cards, including bank cards. The device stores information, codes, passwords, and even the data of electronic train tickets. 

Picture: RIA News Website

The standard size of the chip is 2×12 mm, and the minimum is 1.5×8 mm. The design, which contains a ferrite core with a winding and a very small microcircuit, is packed in a small tube made of biologically inert glass. Under the skin, they are injected with a large syringe with a thick needle. If it is necessary, they can be easily removed.

Introducing such a chip is not more painful than an injection. When it is already under the skin, it is not felt at all. According to Alexander, metal detectors do not react on such miniature devices, MRI passed without problems.

Some of the chips in the doctor’s body are complete analogues of the intercom keys with which he opens the doors and the turnstile at work, the rest of them can store from 800 bytes to 1 kilobyte of information. One of them contains a business card, others allow him to unlock his computer, save passwords, use the smartphone to read the phone number of the owner or links to his pages on social networks.

The chips that Alexander uses can be rewritten about ten million times under warranty. Replacing information on the media is a matter of one minute. The next step of the doctor is the implantation of a miniature glucometer, which will measure blood sugar.

Ru-Main, 20.01.2020

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