Singer Alsou and her Daughter Amazed Audience with Outfits

Singer Alsou and her 11-year-old daughter Mikella attended the annual awards ceremony for children for their achievements in the music and fashion industry.

At the Fashion People Awards Kids, Mikella and her mother were in the spotlight due to their vivid outfits.

The ceremony was held in a restaurant of the Moscow Crocus City Hall, and other stars with their children were also invited to it – Jasmine with her daughter Margarita and Slava with her daughter Sasha.

Among all the guests, Alsou and her daughter stood out with original outfits. The singer chose a tight-fitting black suit with cropped trousers and complemented it with transparent top ankle boots. A bright make-up and large diamond earrings completed the image of Alsou.

The singer’s daughter preferred a casual outfit, with a shiny jacket, black trousers and matching sneakers. Photos from the ceremony the daughter of Alsou shared on her Instagram. 

Together with her mother, Mikella performed Alsou’s song “To You” on stage. Also, the daughter of the singer made several joint pictures with a singer Philipp Kirkorov and rapper Timati.

Ru-Main, 02.12.2019, Pictures: Mikella Instagram-Page

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