Singer Sergey Lazarev is not Going to Get Married

The famous Russian singer Sergey Lazarev answered questions about his personal life. He gave interviews to reporters at the Victoria Music Award ceremony.

The artist emphasized that he was not going to marry and was working in a “different direction”. Lazarev explained that each person chooses his own path for himself.

Lazarev noted that paternity has its own difficulties. The most difficult in raising children, he called the distribution of attention.

“It is right to share attention between two children so that both of them will have enough of my love and that no one will be jealous,” the singer explained.

From 2008 to 2012, Lazarev was in a relationship with TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. In 2015, the performer admitted that he had a new lover, with whom they live together and are in no hurry with the wedding. It was only known that the girl was of the “close to music sphere”.

However, according to media reports, the couple broke up. Not so long ago it became known that Lazarev brings up two children – Nikita and Anya, who are five years old and one year respectively. The singer hid their birth for a long time from the public. The media learned that the babies came from different surrogate mothers.

Ru-Main, 08.12.2019

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