Singing Tire Fitter From Chelyabinsk to Receive Orenburg Shawl [Video]

A tire changer from Chelyabinsk, Albert Galimov, sang a song about the symbol of Russia, the Orenburg shawl and amazed Tik Tok users with his talent, chelTV reports. 


♬ оригинальный звук – Альберт Галимов

Albert is a graduate of the Folk Singing Department of the Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts. Now the man works in a tire workshop. He decided to start his TikTok account a few months ago. Currently, he has more than 45 thousand followers there and the number of views of some of his videos exceeds a million.

The performance of the composition about the Orenburg downy shawl was also noticed in the Orenburg region. The local Ministry of Culture decided to make a gift to the Chelyabinsk citizen and send him the shawl. In Chelyabinsk, the artist was invited to perform at the Philharmonic local philharmonic and night club.

Ru-Main, 29.03.2021, Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website  

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