Single Women Twice as Willing to Take Mortgage As Men

Unmarried Russian women take a mortgage twice as often as unmarried men. This is stated by the research of the Russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank). 

According to statistics, a mortgage is most often taken by a family. They accounted for 57 per cent of all loans issued. According to the study, the remaining 43 per cent of apartments are bought by unmarried people. It is also noted that women are twice as likely as men to take a mortgage loan.

In addition, over the year, the proportion of men increased by one percentage point and reached 15 per cent. For women, the percentage fell by one percentage point and amounted to 28 per cent. The average size of a mortgage loan to buy an apartment in Russia over the year increased by 22.1 per cent. The amount reached 2.26 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 28.02.2020

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